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We Have Created Just the Right Money-Saving Package to Give You Powerful, Positive Healing for Life

AHNC offers a multi-dimensional approach to holistic healing to help you achieve a deep and lasting change in your life. Our work is centered on restoring and maintaining your health through a variety of integrative wellness services, including brainwave therapy, natural remedies, anti-aging treatments and frequency groups. Therapeutic methods offered at our health center blends age-old wisdom with state-of-the-art techniques to address the source of your health issues and not just relief from the symptoms.

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Initial Consultation We will review your Client Intake Form, identify your goals and create an action plan. This will be a one hour consultation, in person or over the phone. $199

Biofeedback/Bioresonance Adults: First comprehensive appointment$350 (90 minutes), Includes10% off all supplements on your first visit! Subsequent visits $199.


Package  6 biofeedback follow up sessions  (Value $1200)  $997.

Initial plus 6 follow up sessions (Value $1540)  $1297. 

Package  3 biofeedback follow up sessions  (Value $599)  $499.

Subspace Long Distance Healing: Biofeedback Session with Louise on the phone and working in Subspace: $199 Biofeedback Session without Louise on the phone, just working in Subspace: $125.

Children under age 12 are $199 for an initial session and $125 for hour follow –ups.

Package of 4 sessions children ($399, save $100)

Allergy Treatments or Cellular Retraining Therapy 45 minutes: $125 NAET is a simple powerful desensitization technique that works with acupuncture meridians to reset the body. CRT re-balances the meridians through the hypothalamus.

B.R.A.I.N. comprehensive three 90 minute session package $997 (value $2000) for the $997 B.R.A.I.N.  Package you get a FREE bonus ticket to the BIG Event - Brain-Soul Leap Bootcamp .

Brain Based CoachingDo you want more in your life or feel you should be further along? Are you struggling with a health issue that is hanging on? Are you stuck, frustrated or just plain worn out? Personalized coaching with Louise can help you get your life back! Brain Based coaching gets results.  Sign up here:

Ionic Detox Foot-bath Ionic foot baths create a spa experience, cleansing the body of impurities such as toxins, wastes and metals to improve the immune system and allow the body to absorb vitamins better. Many users claim that they have improved skin tone, cured health conditions and aided weight loss efforts by regularly using an ionic foot bath. Users with arthritis or joint pain say that ionic foot baths helped them by eliminating pain and increasing their mobility and range of motion. Single: $35.

Packages Ionic Cleanse Foot-baths

4 sessions ($30.00 each) $120.00

10 sessions ($30.00 each) $300.00

Geotran Life Integration  $199 Patterns that have been stuck in the energy field or cellular memory can be changed by working in the person’s energy field. All life issues can be worked on – depression, addiction, lack of abundance, self-esteem, etc.

Geotran Integration - Kids $150.00. Full Integration package (Value $600)   $497. 

Frequency Groups: Powerful Positive Healing for Life 

Buy three months for $397 and put a family member in for free!

– Beautiful Amazing You January through April

– Brain Boosters May through August

– Brain Boosters September through December

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**SCIO practitioners call for special rate**

Recently clients shared, "The biggest transformation for me is the freedom to have my own life, develop it and be it!  I am now physically and emotionally healthy enough to be ME and I have you to thank.  I tried so many other ways and practitioners and it was your combined approach. Bless you! 

KH, Albuquerque 

Louise, I wanted to let you know I am so grateful for being able to get in to see you and wanted to share that the last two nights I have slept really well and yesterday was a day I hadn’t experienced in years, the brain fog, heavy sludge feeling in my head was gone, all day! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your time, experience and guidance and I look forward to working with you to continue on this journey to health and wellness.

NK, Albuquerque

Since I have been working with Louise, I am no longer afraid or anxious about taking steps toward starting my business and my future success.  I actually feel hopeful about the experience and am enjoying the process I have been so impressed with the mental shift that Louise has helped me achieve.”

MC Washington

To help you allow your gifts to shine, I am offering  Beautiful Balanced Brain coaching one-on-one group coaching as well as a full day and 1/2 VIP days. See more soon at