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At Albuquerque Natural Health Center (ANHC) we understand that health and wellness can be achieved through proper diet, exercise and stress reduction. In addition to proper nutrition, the function of the body, mind and spirit can be enhanced with proper supplementation-herbs, homeopathy and probiotics. Our NEW frequency enhanced products are flying off the shelf!

We work with individuals, groups, and families who have tried many modalities, both medical and natural, seeking help for pain, allergies, anxiety, headaches, depression, sleep issues, weight issues, fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, Autism and other imbalances. We developed The Beautiful Balanced Brain frequency program and the popular Brain Boosters Group. See Groups under services.

We work with YOU to reach your goals! And the good news-as you’ll see from the many positive testimonials on these pages-we’ve had great success! If you’re fighting a major challenge… bring it to us. You can also look forward to benefiting from our continual search for the newest and best methods of natural health and wellness.

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Our Vision

To assist and educate individuals and families on their path of healing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves in order to reach their full potential and allow their gifts to shine.

Our Unique Comprehensive Approach

In combining the therapies of Quantum Biofeedback, our brain programs, nutrition, herbs,homeopathy, Hanna Kroeger Methodology, trauma release work, and lifestyle coaching , healing takes place on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels… healing of the whole person; not just the relief from the symptoms.

Finding the Root Cause and Teaching Healthy Lifestyle Choices is Our Commitment to You

Louise Swartswalter, ND, CBS, CNHP, is a “health detective”, working to “crack the case” and designs an individualized plan for you! Using our medical intuitive skills, kinesiology, biofeedback and other tools, we zero in on the underlying source of the imbalance.

Don’t put up with those nagging symptoms for one more day! A symptom is nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change. Most of us ignore these signs until we experience great pain. The body wants to return to homeostasis, our natural state.